As an independent, local agency, we want to keep our pricing clear and simple. Both Nannying and Babysitting clients can benefit from discounts on local services. See our 'Client Benefits' page for more details.


Our fees are one month's salary for your Nanny. For this fee we will shortlist potential Nannies, checking references and suitability to work (including a new DBS check and First Aid training). Once you have met and selected your perfect nanny, your fee is due. You will then receive a personalised contract to suit your needs. After a month, all clients will receive a complimentary check in to make sure everything is working smoothly. 

We can work with you to meet any other HR needs that may arise. This is on a needs basis with no up front fees or subscriptions. 

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Babysitting Membership can be purchased in three different subscription lengths:

3 months £40.00 (a perfect gift)

6 months £70.00

12 months £125.00

These are one off payments-we have no booking fees. Babysitters are to be paid in cash at the end of the evening and charge the following rates:

Before midnight £8 per hour

After midnight £9 per hour

We offer babysitting sessions from 6pm.


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